Homework 5: Functions and Loops

Esther Barnett
1 min readFeb 20, 2021

For this week's homework assignment, we were told to choose a work by Tim Szetela and replicate it best we could. The work I chose was:


Here are my 2 drafts and my final attempt to recreate:

My 2nd Draft:

My attempt at a recreation (not perfect):

I first began by creating a grid, similar to Tim’s, with faces included. I utilized a face function I have used for past projects to put an individualistic touch on the work. I figured Tim had used a for loop in order to continuously keep the faces changing and moving, so I attempted to first use nested for loops containing the function ‘random’, to have the tables swap from the circle grid to the square grid. For my second attempt, I utilized the variable ‘bg’, to count when to incorporate each grid I had made, within the nested for loops, to have a constant sequence of backgrounds and grids. I noticed that my attempt looked far too organized and similar, rather than the diverse faces floating around, so I tried to recreate that to my best ability. I had replicated the same nested for loops for all my face grids, so I put this into its own function and then applied conditional statements to randomize each face popping up to replicate Tim’s work. There are some specific issues I would have liked to fix, such as the difference in location for various grids, in order to make the randomization less obvious/overlapped, although this can be perfected in the future.