Final: Overcompensating Faces

Esther Barnett
2 min readApr 29, 2021

My inspiration for this assignment were these images:

Here are my final, Overcompensating Faces:

My project is inspired by the above photos but is not a replica as I decided to personalize it after running into some challenges. The coordinates used in P5 are that of a square, so placing smaller circles within a larger circle to appear how I wanted it to, was very difficult. Even finding a usable pattern to the line to the large smiley face took a long time, which is why I decided to add the mousePressed face changes, instead of fully filling in my face. I first constructed the border faces, placing them in an array to keep them global and easy to reference, for example in draw. The color of the faces surrounding the larger smiley are changing based on each time draw is called. The larger face is changing based on the bigSmileyNum variable, which allows the faces to change each time draw is called. These four faces are represented in separate functions. The most interesting thing I learned was how to become comfortable with reshaping original plans when one plan doesn't succeed. I reshaped my original idea, in order to keep my representation of smiley faces in my project continuing.